Over the last ten years, the Beverly Hills Bar Association has organized four trips to Cuba with the help of Cuba Cultural Travel. All of our trips to Cuba generated strong interest from our members and resulted in memorable experiences and strengthened relationships within our ranks. Our time in Cuba was a fascinating mix of enlightening lectures from scholars and legal professionals, intimate interactions with musicians and dancers and fascinating tours of the city by historians and architects. All of the trips were fantastic and I highly recommend working with Michael Sykes if you are considering a trip to Cuba.

Marc R. Staenberg, Esq., Chief Executive Officer Beverly Hills Bar Association & Foundation

It was exciting and colorful and full of surprises. Our [escort] was sensational and so were the other guides and the bus driver. We loved the art and music and especially talking to the people. I purchased a beautiful plate from one of the art students and look at it every day bringing back fond memories. Thanks for the hard work putting the trip together. It was certainly worthwhile and I learned a lot. I wish I had a picture of the group we were with. We shared a special experience and have other pictures we could send them to prove it. Thanks again!

Enid, Newark Museum Traveler

What a great trip! We could not have asked for a more inclusive and better run experience. Everything from the hotel to the meals to the sights to the guides were perfect. Our tour included not just the “usual sights” but gave us access to private collections, artist’s galleries where we met the artist, and wonderful local personalities. We heard music, saw dance, heard lectures and came home feeling that we really got to know Cuba.

Adrienne, Newark Museum Traveler

I was in Cuba through Cuba Cultural Travel - it was trip of a lifetime and I hope to return. Beyond any expectations - people, food, artists, architecture. CCT is a tour Rock Star of Cuba!

Linda, Private Journey