After a busy week of "re-entering", I am finally settling down to write to all of you. You are the best. Thank you so very much for organizing a stellar tour. Each "docent" was better than the last - starting with Lazaro to the curator of the Art Museum, the architecture tour guides, the cemetery tour guide, etc. etc. And how about all our fabulous surprises: the Cienfuegos choir was as good as I have heard ANYWHERE; the male singing group was fantastic; the art gallery/home art was first-class, etc etc. Oh… and I had heard the food was not good in Cuba ---------- Wrong… You set us up in the most lovely paladars with delicious food and plenty of mojitos… yes, I evolved from wine the first couple of nights to mojitos and straight 11 year old rum! There was nothing not to like on this tour! Thanks for everything. And best wishes to everyone for a healthy and happy New Year. Please be sure to let us know of future tours.

Susan, Private Journey