Having never taken a tour before, this trip was a wonderful entry to such travel. Cuba Cultural Travel is exceptional. I was so impressed with the effort that was made to create an agenda that was educational, cultural, informative and plain old fun. It was clear that each speaker devoted serious time to preparing for our group as reflected in the content of their lectures. The speakers were all very smart; of course everyone in Cuba is very smart. Mike, Duni and Alexis, each incredibly smart with wonderful senses of humor, provided us with a wealth of knowledge too. The logistics were as seamless as possible and our hosts always accommodating. At our last dinner I asked my table mates what was their favorite activity. We each struggled given that all of the activities were so stimulating. But I have a favorite; the Flamenco Dance Troupe was unlike anything I have seen. The dances (and dancers) - beautiful and emotional. It was a real high. I have been singing our hosts' and guides' praises since our return. My husband and I feel privileged to have been a part of the group. We learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves immensely. While there are contradictions in the country (but what nation does not experience them) one can feel a wonderful spirit among the people. Havana is simply beautiful. Thank you again for making this trip possible.

Traveler, New York State Bar Association